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How it works?


Integrated with comfort into your business

There is in the stickers a QR code, ID of your company and a short link to the feedback page (which looks like this). The client sees a sticker on the menu, on the napkin holder, near the cash register, on the product - in a suitable place, at a convenient moment. And leaves you a message without having to leave your phone, register, etc. This is the fastest and easiest way to communicate what the user really thinks about, thereby resolving situations that concern the Client, correcting shortcomings.

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For a bonus, contact the company with the number and key

Statuses and bonuses for feedbacks

Reward those, who want to help

Each feedback has its own unique number and key. The company can respond to any feedback, and can also bonus it (with a usual montly bonus or a unique bonus for a particular feedback). Thereby, quickly reacting and strengthening client orientation. The status of the feedback (that is, the short response of the company, for those feedbacks where it is needed) can be found directly on this page in the «Check Bonus» form above. Here is an example.

The client can receive the bonus simply by providing the company with the feedback number and code. The client can transfer this data to another person if he does not want to receive the bonus personally (for confidentiality purposes).

And also, coming soon

  • broadcasting feedbacks to Telegram / Viber
  • integration with Google Forms
  • multi-accounts for network companies
  • control of your company's ratings on Facebook and Google Places
  • daily mail statistics (including rating changes on Facebook and Google Places)
  • other feedback features (photo upload, NPS*, etc.)

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